Traditional Hebrew and Chinese

The Amidah and the San Zi Jing (continued)

Here is the third section of the San Zi Jing, the history section, listing the major dynasties, rulers, and wars of Chinese history.

We learned the six non-changing blessings of the Amidah in the previous section. Here are the thirteen daily blessings of the Amidah, which are placed between the first three and the last three, for a total of nineteen blessing said on a regular (non-Shabbat) day. These thirteen blessings, which are seen as addressing everyday needs, are all taken out of the Amidah on Shabbat, and are replaced by a single blessing for the day of Shabbat. This makes the number of blessings on Shabbat only seven, instead of nineteen.

Radicals and proper names in the third section of the San Zi Jing, and some main words and concepts in the Amidah: